Stories are multi-dimensional, and people’s taste preferences differ. Here are extra seasonings you can add and mix with our main courses.

Dynamic package-less table seasonings, serve to complement and elevate our main courses. They can be spicy and sweet as fresh-cut chilies in sweet soy sauce or shockingly sour and acidic as jeruk limau and ambarella. How much zing you want totally depends on you.

For the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the flaws in every country’s healthcare system with no exceptions. Indonesia was one of the top 10 countries with most new daily Covid-19 cases in…

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In my hometown of Palemraya, a small village in South Sumatra, most people live in poor conditions. While some live in rental homes for years because they cannot afford to buy homes, some live by…

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What Shall I Call You?

(Mar 09, 2023)

A Short Story

He yanked at my foot, telling me to wake up and get out of bed. Only half joking. He said he wanted to buy some underwear and a pair of swimming trunks. It was dark…

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There are thousands of islands in Indonesia, with over 1,300 recognized ethnic groups. Time and open-mindedness are needed, surely, when traveling from one island to another; when learning about (and from) each tradition and every…

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