Nasrikah and Okui Lala images
Nasrikah and Okui Lala
on Rasa & Asa of Domestic Workers

Published on Jul 22, 2022

Nasrikah and Okui Lala talk to us about their collaboration project, Rasa and Asa, a short film, shot during the height of pandemic via online video platform, capturing the activities and daily meetings of the PERTIMIG members.

Nasrikah is an Indonesian migrant worker who has been living in Malaysia since 1997. She is an advisor for PERTIMIG, a field facilitator for IDWF (International Domestic Worker Federation), a poet and coordinator for arts and cultural events. Her advocacy focused on campaigning for migrant domestic workers to be treated with the same respect, status and access to justice as any workers.

Okui Lala is an artist and cultural worker based in Malaysia. Her work revolves around themes of identities, migration, and labor. Her projects — from video production and performance art to community engagement — tend to take on a collaborative or participatory approach, involving everyday people in her vicinity, including cultural workers, activists, migrant workers and her family members.