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Maryam Lee
on Malaysian Identity and Spirituality in the Nusantara

Published on Jul 24, 2022

Most people from Nusantara know the competition between Indonesia and Malaysia, but how many know how this competition even came to be? Maryam Lee breaks it down for us in this episode! With her wisdom, she unpacks the complexities of ethnicity and religion in Malaysian national identity, how political structures today are inherited from colonial ways, and the many layers of liberalism. Plus, we talk ghost stories, folk tales, and spiritual healing.

Maryam Lee is a program manager at various non-profit organizations. She looks at political and economic policies that affect people’s lives, from a historical and cultural standpoint, particularly providing a decolonial approach to any subject matter. Currently, she is developing conversations around technology and society. She is the author of “Unveiling Choice” (2019), a multi-disciplinary scholar, community organizer, and all-around curious being.